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Introducing HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence, The Only Platform Addressed For The Middle East

Keeping your organization’s data secure is a top priority for IT professionals around the globe. To ensure safety and privacy, you must avoid potential threats that could compromise your system. That’s why HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence gives you the tools to monitor and protect your business from any attack surface activity in the Middle East. Let’s look at how this platform can simplify your security efforts—introducing the HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence, a sophisticated AI-powered threat intelligence platform. With the Attack Surface Intelligence module, organizations in the Middle East can keep up with evolving cyber threats and protect their data and assets against them. This innovative platform aggregates data from multiple sources, such as open-source intelligence (OSINT), dark web sources, organizational security systems, social media platforms, and more, to generate a holistic picture of potential cyber threats.

HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence

The HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence is an all-in-one attack surface intelligence platform made for businesses in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and other countries in the Middle East.


This platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to monitor continuously and assess external attack surfaces such as websites, web applications, and mobile applications. By constantly scanning these external surfaces, HakTrak can detect vulnerabilities before they become a problem, providing real-time insight into threats before they can harm.


How Does It Work?


The HakTrak’s Attack Surface Intelligence Platform uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to monitor potential risks and alert users when any suspicious activity happens before it has time to wreak havoc. With this one-of-a-kind tool, CIOs, CISOs, security professionals, and IT managers can get real-time information about risks affecting their networks. It lets them act quickly to reduce cybersecurity incidents. Whether you’re a large corporation or SME, with the Attack Surface Intelligence Platform, you can be sure that your sensitive data will always remain secure—no matter what cybercriminals may have up their sleeves. The HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence Platform automatically collects and analyzes data from multiple sources, such as code repositories, bug bounty programs, and dark web forums. This information is used to identify potential security risks or malicious activities by monitoring changes in source code, communication patterns, or malicious actors. In addition, HakTrak’s AI algorithms can detect specific behaviors that may indicate an attack surface is being targeted by malicious actors—such as unusual transfer volumes or changes in server settings—and alert users so they can take action quickly. With its comprehensive view of the threat landscape in the Middle East region, HakTrak helps organizations stay informed about potential malicious activities while also helping them prioritize their response accordingly. In addition to detecting threats, this platform provides detailed reports on each finding, so IT professionals can better understand where their resources should be focused for maximum defense against cyberattacks.


For businesses in the Middle East to succeed, they need a modern approach to cybersecurity. With its integrated AI/ML technology and comprehensive view of threats across the region, the HakTrak Attack Surface Intelligence offers organizations precisely what they need to stay ahead of any potential danger lurking online. From automatically scanning for suspicious behavior to delivering detailed reports on each finding, this platform makes it easier for CIOs, CEOs, and IT managers to keep their businesses safe from attack surfaces in the Middle East.