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HakTrak GeoWatch provides real-time intelligence on geopolitical events and locations, empowering analysts to understand evolving dynamics in the geographic areas that matter most to them. Our solution enables businesses to take action to secure their facilities, assets, events, and critical third-party organizations.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Intelligence: Stay informed on global geopolitical events and locations with up-to-date intelligence, enabling timely decision-making to protect your business’s interests.
  • Machine-Driven Collection and Processing: Our platform combines machine-driven data collection and processing to efficiently detect and monitor threats to your people, places, and operations.
  • Customizable Alerts: Tailor the HakTrak GeoWatch to your organization’s needs, receiving customized alerts and notifications about specific regions, events, or threats relevant to your business.
  • Asset Protection: Identify and respond to physical asset threats effectively with timely, relevant, and actionable insights from the HakTrak GeoWatch.


Real-time dark web monitoring offers significant advantages in protecting your organization from emerging cyber threats. By staying ahead of threat actors and proactively identifying risks, HakTrak Dark Web Monitoring ensures that your organization remains secure.

How HakTrak Dark Web Monitoring Works?

Consider the following example: A threat actor creates malware and distributes it on the dark web. Traditional threat intelligence feeds may only discover new malware after it has been marketed and weaponized or, worse, after an incident.

HakTrak Dark Web Monitoring tackles this issue in three simple steps:

  • Identify the Malware: Our platform detects the malware when it first appears for sale on the dark web, allowing your organization to stay ahead of potential threats.
  • Extract Malware Hash: HakTrak extracts the malware hash during the preliminary step, enabling your security team to take appropriate action against this threat.
  • Proactive Defense: Block the identified malware on your firewall and run playbooks on your SIEM, SOAR, EPP, or VM platforms before anyone else does, ensuring that your organization remains protected against emerging cyber threats.


HakTrak automates complex cybersecurity processes from the get-go, eliminating the need for multiple separate solutions and reducing the reliance on manual human involvement. Our platform offers a comprehensive approach to securing your organization’s digital assets.

Key Features:

  • Unified Solution: HakTrak consolidates various cybersecurity processes into one integrated platform, streamlining security operations and improving overall efficiency.
  • Reduced Attack Surface: Our platform provides security teams with the tools and insights to minimize the attack surface, protecting your organization from potential threats.
  • Suspicious Behavior Detection: By automating the monitoring and analysis of user and network activities, our platform helps security teams identify and investigate suspicious behavior, mitigating risks before they escalate.
  • Intelligent Automation: Our platform enables rapid response and remediation, ensuring your organization can quickly address emerging threats and maintain a robust security posture.


HakTrak Vulnerability Intelligence collects and analyzes vast data points to identify potential vulnerabilities and assess their impact on your organization’s security. Our platform also examines patches and new releases to detect possible entry points for malicious actors, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats.

Key Features:

  • In-Depth Data Analysis: Our platform gathers hundreds, if not millions, of data points, searching for correlations and patterns that may indicate potential vulnerabilities in your organization’s digital infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure Assessment: The HakTrak Vulnerability Intelligence identifies flaws in cloud and network perimeter infrastructure, such as routers, firewalls, and commonly used software modules, which may enable remote attackers to penetrate an organization’s networks of all sizes and locations.
  • Patch Management: Our vulnerability intelligence team evaluates available patches and advises on prioritization, ensuring that your organization implements the most effective patching strategies to address identified vulnerabilities.
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence: The HakTrak Vulnerability Intelligence combines human expertise with artificial intelligence and automation, enabling analysts to swiftly process vast amounts of data and provide actionable recommendations to security teams.
  • Red Team Testing: Our Red Team may conduct tests in which they attempt to hack into software to uncover weaknesses, further enhancing the effectiveness of our vulnerability intelligence solution.


Third-party data breaches are at an all-time high, and traditional risk management systems simply can’t keep up. Our Third-Party Intelligence enables security teams and business leaders to make quick, informed decisions regarding the enterprises in their enterprise’s supply chain, lowering the overall risk of data breaches and reputational harm.

With intelligence, you can identify, manage, and minimize third-party risk.

By offering deep visibility into suspicious activity related to your enterprise’s vendor ecosystem, the Third-Party Intelligence reduces the guesswork and hassle of traditional vendor risk assessment. This significantly speeds up risk assessments and allows you to discover and prioritize new risks as they arise.


Robust identity authentication is more vital than ever as businesses confront unprecedented levels of attack on their dynamic and distant ecosystem of workers, partners, and consumers. An intelligence-driven approach to identity protection interrupts attackers before they cause harm and helps teams avoid identity fraud proactively.

An innovative method to prevent identity fraud.

Our Identity Intelligence empowers enterprises to uncover previously undisclosed identity breaches for both workers and customers and respond decisively—without the need for manual investigation. The HakTrak Identity Intelligence provides an unrivaled real-time source of truth for identity authenticity by automating the gathering, analysis, and output of information from a wide range of open-source threat intelligence, dark web, and technological sources.