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Use Case


Phishing attempts are the most prevalent and practical causes of data breaches. HakTrak is committed to ending these cyber threats with our AI-powered technology to detect and prevent phishing, fraud campaigns, and malware-based cyberattacks targeting your employees and clients.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Detection: Our advanced artificial intelligence technology identifies phishing and fraud campaigns in real-time, alerting your organization to potential threats before they can cause damage.
  • Preventative Measures: Our platform actively works to prevent malicious attacks by detecting and blocking phishing emails and websites, ensuring the safety of your employees and clients.
  • Deconstructing Infrastructure: Unlike other solutions, HakTrak goes a step further by deconstructing the infrastructure underlying phishing campaigns, effectively dismantling the source of the threat.
  • Removal of Harmful Sites: We work on your behalf to remove harmful phishing sites from ISPs, web search engines, and social media platforms, minimizing the risk of future attacks.


HakTrak Data Breach Detection scans the surface, deep, and dark web for mentions of your company and executives to identify leaked or stolen data. Our platform detects indications of compromise and provides actionable advice while our intelligence team develops comprehensive insights on breaches and enhanced vulnerabilities.

Key Features:

  • Dark Web Visibility: Gain valuable insight into the dark web to monitor compromised credentials and potential threats to your organization.
  • Context-Rich Intelligence: Empower your security teams with improved visibility and context-rich intelligence, enabling them to take real action against compromised credentials.
  • Identify Credential Compromise: Detect indications of compromise (IOCs) and obtain attacker information, whether from within or outside your organization.
  • Rapid Breach Detection: Receive automatic alerts when critical data from your organization is disclosed or stolen, ensuring a swift response to potential threats.
  • Protect Customer Data: Protect PII and customer credentials from breaches and exploitation to maintain customer trust and loyalty.


HakTrak Physical Security Module enhances situational awareness and provides near-real-time alerting for global incidents that pose a physical risk to your organization’s people, assets, and business operations. Our Physical Security SOC team continuously detects and analyzes events from multiple digital sources worldwide, quickly distilling them into critical events that could impact your business operations or employees.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: Stay informed about global incidents that may pose a physical threat to your organization’s people, assets, and operations.
  • Continuous Event Detection and Analysis: Our Physical Security SOC team monitors and analyzes events from various digital sources, ensuring you receive timely information about potential threats.
  • Vetted and Enriched Intelligence: We provide event intelligence that is vetted, enriched, and categorized according to alert rules set within the HakTrak Module.
  • Customizable Alert Classification: Sort and classify alerts based on essential features of physical threats, such as location, timing, and public impact, allowing your organization to focus on the most relevant events.