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HakTrak Security Platform


HakTrak Security Platform is an all-in-one, future-proof cyber protection solution for the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. This advanced SaaS platform enhances organizational security by offering comprehensive visibility, threat hunting, validation, investigation, containment, remediation, and unlimited forensic exploration. Our platform boasts unique advantages over traditional network security systems, including a complete retention window of full-fidelity network traffic, innovative visualizations, simplicity, and cost savings from an on-demand deployment structure.


The HakTrak Security Platform features a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, providing a complete network view. This intuitive visualization enables swift identification and effective responses to high-priority threats. By integrating deep forensics capabilities and practical collaboration tools, our platform empowers security teams to work efficiently and proactively, ensuring a robust defense against evolving cyber threats.


The HakTrak Security Platform employs standard protocols to collect threats from its forensic, response, and predictive capabilities. It then delivers the necessary processes to swiftly triage, investigate, escalate, and remediate security events. Incidents are prioritized based on business context, and analysts investigate the incidents that pose the most significant risk to the organization.


Our cutting-edge threat detection system provides a comprehensive, multi-layered detection-in-depth approach to reinforce network security. It identifies potential risks and vulnerabilities across your network infrastructure by employing advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms, and real-time data processing. This system detects known threats and uncovers emerging and previously unknown attack patterns, permitting early detection of potential security breaches and swift remediation through continuous monitoring of network traffic, user behavior, and system logs.


HakTrak unifies Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), Endpoint Threat Detection, and Response capabilities into a single, lightweight agent installed across all endpoints. This innovative agent collects comprehensive state information, effectively halting exploits and malware attacks. Our experts use it to constantly monitor all endpoint activity, conduct adversary hunting, validate breaches, and detect encrypted attacks.

Using a lightweight agent allows our analysts to delve deep into the inner workings of endpoints and uncover anomalous behaviors. Our techniques include the following:

  • Live memory analysis
  • Direct physical disk inspection
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Endpoint state assessment


Our service does not have any requirements for signatures or rules. Using advanced machine learning and unique endpoint behavioral monitoring, we conduct an in-depth analysis of endpoints to detect and identify previously unknown security threats and vulnerabilities.

With this crucial information, our analysts can swiftly discover other infected endpoints and expand their visibility into the full scope of a compromise. Upon confirming an intrusion, we counteract malware-driven tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and restrict attacker lateral movement by isolating and blocking the threat. This proactive strategy strengthens your organization’s cybersecurity posture and ensures protection against potential cyberattacks.


Our proprietary network sensor provides comprehensive visibility, exceptional threat-hunting performance, and incident response by enhancing our RedTeam’s capabilities with Behavior and Analytics technology.

Our cutting-edge technology equips your network with accurate memory. Full-fidelity packet capture, optimized and stored for a year, allows you to be sure about the impact of events on your environment. Our platform detects real-time threats and automatically replays stored packets to uncover previously unknown threats, achieved through the correlation of research intelligence, machine learning, flow-based traffic algorithms, and multiple threat intelligence feeds.

By harnessing this advanced technology, your organization benefits from enhanced network security, ensuring robust protection against potential cyber threats and a swift response to possible incidents.


HakTrak Intelligence effectively leverages the power of more than 400 threat intelligence sources and correlates them with over 500 million threat indicators against real-time network data. Our innovative approach enables threat detection at every stage of the attack lifecycle, empowering your organization to mitigate potential risks before they cause significant damage.