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Improving Enterprise Security through Identity Protection

Identity-related attacks are one of the most common vectors of compromise in modern cyber attacks. These attacks involve stealing identities to masquerade as genuine users and gain access to network resources. However, many existing security solutions focus solely on access rather than directly safeguarding digital identities.

Enterprises commonly rely on Identity and Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions for security. While these are helpful, they mainly address authentication and access management, leaving identities vulnerable.

To understand this better, imagine a network as an office building with multiple doors. Employees receive access badges, granting them entry through specific doors. However, if someone steals or replicates these badges, they can gain unauthorized access.

Identity security safeguards these badges from theft. It encompasses measures to secure credentials and infrastructure, reduce vulnerability, and enable detection and response to identity-based attacks.

The HakTrak platform offers proactive and intelligent identity security capabilities in real-time, facilitating risk reduction across the entire identity attack surface.

In conclusion, bolstering enterprise security requires a comprehensive approach encompassing robust identity security measures. By minimizing attack surfaces, securing critical infrastructure, and implementing advanced detection and response protocols, organizations can significantly enhance their resilience against identity-related cyber threats.